About Warehouse Cables


As a former IT Admin I've always been focused on providing what people actually need - not what we want to give them.

Well, nothing has changed.

It's still about getting it done and doing it right here at Warehouse Cables. It may be via our website or the result of a one-on-one conversation. In either case, our customers come away with the right product and a sense of confidence.

We hope to make your job easier.

Computer and network cable products and accessories. Copper and fiber optic cables. Custom cable products. Customer service and expert advice.

That's what we do.

WarehouseCables.com is our e-commerce site. With only a few clicks, you can easily locate, specify and fill your requirements with no hassles. This is ideal for folks that know what they want and wish to purchase using the most direct means possible.

We will also answer the phone and provide the information needed to make informed purchasing decisions. We believe in a higher degree of personal attention towards application assistance and the best possible pricing and delivery alternatives.

Our partnerships with manufacturers allow us to work with both custom and high-volume orders. This means we can design, document and provide scheduled deliveries for OEM and distribution requirements.

Give us a try, better yet, give us a call. We're ready to be your partner.


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Thanks for visiting our website; we hope to have the opportunity to serve you!