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Tester, NETmapper w/ 4 Remote Terminators - P/N WC471035
Tester, NETmapper w/ 4 Remote Terminators

Part number: WC471035

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    The NETmapper is a unique and versatile tool for professional network administrators to quickly verifying network connectivity and get essential information from the entire network for troubleshooting.

    It utilizes both an online active network tester and an offline cable checker. It can also check for polarity and voltage of telephone lines. The NETmapper also has an analog tone generator and portfinder function for network cable and port identification.

  • On-Line Test: Displays the Ethernet port status, Ping default router, Ping DNS Server and Ping user defined device
  • Off-Line Test: Wiremap/Twised mapping/Cable length/Tone generator and Portfinder
  • Reporting voltage and polarity if volta