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PoE Detector/Tester Kit, with Powered Device Simulator  - P/N WC471132
Tester, PoE Smart Detector/Tester

Part number: WC471132

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    Oue PoEsmart tester is a PoE inline tester designed to support IEEE 802.3bt Power-over-Ethernet standard.
    It detects the existence and identifies both standard (active) and non-standard (passive) PoE systems. When connected to a passive PD, PoEsmart displays the voltage and polarity of the operating PoE data pair and spare pair.
    For active PoE systems, PoEsmart is designed with an internal power device simulator known as SPD (simulate power device) to perform a negotiation process with
    the PSE (power source equipment) to establish voltage, current, and power draw of IEEE 802.3af / 802.3at / UPoE / 802.3bt Type 3 (4PPoE) and 802.3bt Type 4 PoE standards.

  • Battery-free operation technology
  • Real time inline status analysis and monitoring
  • Monitor and troubleshoot IEEE802.3af/802.3atMonitor and troubleshoot 802.3bt Type 3 (4PPoE) 802.3bt Type 4 standard PoE systems
  • Real time IEEE802.3bt inline status analysis and monitoring
  • Full display of PoE information without scrolling